Techno DJ

Thu, 01 Dec 2016 03:15:15 GMT

This 12-year-old DJ throwing down techno is the future of electronic music
Dancing Astronaut
The 'child DJ' has become an increasingly popular narrative in dance music. First there was Arch Jr, the three-year-old DJ who won South Africa's Got Talent. Then there was John Anthony, who performed on the main stage of Sunset Music Festival, begging ...

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Mon, 05 Dec 2016 01:24:51 GMT

Stoney Roads

Techno DJ Nastia Swooned By Australian City
Stoney Roads
Ukrainian DJ Nastia has sung praises for one Australian city while here for the Tell No Tales shows in Sydney and Melbourne over the weekend. The festival featured a star-studded line-up of house and techno heads including Villabos, Audion and Agents ...

Wed, 16 Nov 2016 12:02:31 GMT

L.A. Weekly

From the Inland Empire to Berlin: DJ Fiend Reps Hardcore Techno for SoCal
L.A. Weekly
One of their friends, Ray Duran (now owner of the downtown chic comic shop A Shop Called Quest), discovered a vein of U.K. hardcore techno that gripped their attention like nothing else: Crapshoot Records and one of their artists, DJ Freak. The records ...